About TutorReal Guru

Who Are We?

TutorReal Guru is a part of the multinational Knowledgucate Group of Institutions that own and operate Playschools, Schools, Universities, and Colleges with operations in India, Middle East, the UK and in the Online Space.

We bring years of experience in the education sector into TutorReal Guru, an Online Tutoring Institution that will replicate traditional face to face coaching with live Online and interactive tutoring incorporating all elements of traditional teaching and tutoring.

How TutorReal Guru Works?

TutorReal Guru uses a sophisticated audio and video web conferencing software to deliver live interactive tutoring in one to one (one tutor to one student) or one to few (one tutor to a group of students- normally 6 to 10).

The student enters the TutorReal class using a link provided by the tutor or by using login credentials provided.

The tutor uses a whiteboard just as in a regular classroom that allows writing, drawing as well use of aids like Power Point and webpages. The student can also write, draw, type or annotate on the screen using the whiteboard. Tutors and students can use audio or video chat to communicate thus ensuring that all aspects of traditional tutoring are replicated in a virtual setting. Students can clear their doubts in the live class just as in a traditional setting.

The one significant advantage that TutorReal Guru has over traditional tutoring is that all sessions can be recorded and played back which means that whenever students are in doubt over a certain topic, they can playback the actual tutoring session where that particular topic was covered …they can do this as often as they need !!!

Why Online Tutoring with TutorReal Guru?

10 Reasons why Online Tutoring with TutorReal is a better option than traditional tutoring

Access to the expert tutors

TutorReal has well-qualified, talented, experienced Gurus who are trained by our specialists.

Accelerate learning

Exclusive customized sessions for clearing doubts, revision and providing formula sheets to the students.

Affordable tuitions

Cost effective tuition fee saves the cost of commuting time, inconvenience of fixed hour classes, thus making TutorReal classes valuable.

Avail traditional tuitions virtually

Attain benefits of Real Gurus virtually along with extensive study resources as: sample papers, reference e-books etc.

Interactive live sessions

Convenience of participative learning to enhance performance with one to one or one to few session options.

Easier oversight by parents

Parents get an opportunity to monitor the progress of their wards and also have interactive sessions with TutorReal Gurus.

Empowering skills

Develop web based skills and competencies that will help in college education and professional world.

Improved tech techniques

Web-based tutoring solutions help enhance a student’s technical skills along with better grades.

Flexible Schedules

Avail best tutoring facility by the best teachers as per the convenience of your own study time.

Personalized Approaches

A well-deserved academic connection between the student and a teacher provides personalized learning.