Does my child need academic support?

Does my Child need Academic Support or Tuition?

A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.
Serena Williams

Academic support is broadly described as an enrichment program which provides support to both underachieving as well as brilliant students. There is advanced learning support for higher achieving students. Academic support is not just restricted to academics but also helps students learn time management, reading skills, exam preparation tips, etc.

Academic support or tuitions are mostly concerned as the last resort when everything fails. However, the reality is quite different. Whether your child is doing well in school or not, at one point in time, you must consider the possibility of a supportive learning source.

Most of the time, it comes as a shock to the parents that their child is not performing well at the school. The dreaded fear of your child lagging in academics often makes parents upset and defensive. But you need to understand that your child’s school also wants the best for your child. This is the time when you need to act promptly and provide the necessary support to the child. First, try to find out the root cause of the problem. The reasons could be many. Few of them are:

  • Lower class engagement due to boredom
  • Lack of proper sleep at night
  • Distracted due to family problem
  • Missing classes due to illness or other reasons
  • Other emotional issues

Once you identify the problem, you can take a necessary step to deal with it. Hiring outside school support will be ideal in such situations, for example, a private tutor or a home tutor. A private tutor can help in expanding the scope of your child’s knowledge. Your child’s success in academic and his/ her self-confidence are bind together. You will have to look for sources where your child can get individual attention.

Academic support sources like private tutoring or online private tutors have a wide range of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Individual Attention: Personalised sessions help the students in achieving academic brilliance. Your child’s online tutor will be able to identify their weak spots and provide the necessary support.
  • Flexible Schedules: This generation faces a much hectic lifestyle in comparison to their parents. Online tuitions give you an option to bring the best teachers in your study room. Students mostly choose session time as per their convenience.
  • Safe and Secure: Online tuitions are safe in comparison to their traditional counterparts. All the sessions and chats between the teacher and student are recorded for future revisions. These recorded sessions can easily be accessed by parents whenever required.
  • Promotes Academic Independence: Online private learning sessions help inculcate the habits of self-learning. Children become more accountable for their studies and learning.
  • Positive Attitude for Learning: Once students start understanding the concepts and show improvement in class work, their overall confidence increases. Because of this the exam stress and resentment towards the subjects or education disappears.

Getting extra help is not a matter of shame. It will not only help your child to get back on track but also motivates them to excel in academics.

Traditional classroom setup works on the 1-to-many concept. One teacher is expected to teach a large group of students and is expected to bring the same results from each one of their pupils. This is an unrealistic expectation, and it’s the students who suffer from it. It is time to embrace online private tuitions, be it for improving your grades or learning from a progressive learning source.

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