Exam Preparation Tips

Exams are an essential part of a student’s life. Exams enable you to evaluate your performance and motivate you to work harder. Thus, it is vital we eliminate the fear associated with examinations and tackle it in a better way. The key to this is facing exams in an organized manner. Make a study schedule which enables you to be well-prepared in advance and not panicking at the last moments. The plan must fit with your style of studying and give you the power to schedule your breaks and leisure activities.

The major questions that linger in every student’s mind are “How do I prepare for my exams well in advance?” or “What are tips of exam preparations?” We want to put you out of your misery. We bring you some suggestions made by our expert panel of academicians and students who have scored continuously well. To ace your examinations, you must first ace the exam preparation tips.

Tips for Exam Preparation:

Here are some handy tips for getting exams ready.

  1. Make Study Schedule: Prepare a robust study schedule well in advance and stick to it. It helps you to Work Smarter, not Harder. The study schedule must keep pace with your study style and must give you ample of time to revise. Categorize the schedule according to the subjects you need to study and amount of time you must dedicate to each one of them. All students are not alike. Some students dread Maths, however, some struggle more with languages. So, your friends’ study schedule will not work for you. It’s a vice versa process where the study schedule must suit you, but you will also need to organize your study habits accordingly.
  2. Organized Your Study Pace: Make your study space clutter free, which in turn might help your mind to be clutter free too. According to Eleanor Brown (Teacher and Writer), “Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s also bad habits and overwhelming emotions. Clutter is anything which does not support your better self.
    Along with this also ensure that your room is well lit and does not offer much distraction. Make your study space comfortable which helps you to focus better.
  3. Use Flow Charts and Diagrams: Visual tools are always much effective when it comes to revising specific topics. As when you create flow charts and diagrams, you also make an impression of them in your brain. These visual images help you quickly revise your topics and increases your readiness for taking exams. Our online tuitions focus much on these techniques.
  4. Practice Previous Years Exam Papers: This is one of the most effective ways of studying and recommended by both teachers and students alike. It helps you to tune your preparation with exam trends. Also benefits you in measuring your pace of writing exams with actual tests.
  5. Ask Questions: Feel free to ask questions to your teachers and your peers.
    Remember, “The Day you Stop Asking Why is the Day You Die.
    It is essential to clarify your doubts about the moment they arise. The lingering questions in your mind will prevent you from focussing better. So, go ahead and ask questions without feeling an ounce of nervousness. Teachers are mostly welcoming to questions and prefer an interactive class.
  6. Help Your Friends Study: Learning by teaching others is an extremely effective way of revising, and it also adds more information. When you help your friends in solving problems it helps you to retrieve information what you have previously studied. Which in turn helps you to retain the data for an extended period.
  7. Take Breaks: Breaks are as crucial as revision. Unwind yourself from studying long hours. “All work and no play indeed make Jack a dull boy.”Regular breaks enable the mind to regain its focus. However, do remember never to lose focus. Refreshing breaks also keep you away from Exam Stress.
  8. Take Care of Yourself: Listen to your parents. Eat well, sleep well and get plenty of sunlight. Keeping your brain and body fit is also necessary. Fresh and vitamin-rich food energizes your mind and body. Staying hydrated also effects your overall positive mood. Exams are important, but a healthy mind and body will always be with you and help you to tackle future challenges.

Final Thoughts:

Though exams are not the only parameter which must decide a student’s intellect and abilities, yet it is a significant part of the academic curriculum. Take advice from friends, family and your teachers to formulate your exam strategy. Time management is the key to all your exam preparations. It might feel like a pain initially, once you master the skill nothing will be impossible. If you are a CBSEICSEISCIBIGCSESAT or GMAT student, feel free to Contact us and one of our counsellors will help you.

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