Why to Choose Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring offers many unique benefits over traditional home tuitions and coaching classes. The best way to know about the advantages of an online tutor is by hiring one. Once you experience the multitude advantages of an online tutor, below points will appear just a tip of the iceberg.

7 Reasons to Choose Online Tutoring over Traditional Coaching Classes:

  1. Extremely Convenient: Most online course modules let students study, revise and complete courses at their own pace. It’s an incredible perk for the next-gen students as they have extremely hectic schedules.
  1. No Travel Time: Online teaching doesn’t involve any traveling which is a boon. Students don’t have to waste their precious time traveling in traffic.
  1. Flexible Timings and Location: Students are not restricted to find coaching institutes in nearby areas. Online tuitions bring the best teachers in your study room through the laptop or mobile screen. The study time with online tutors can be arranged as per the convenience of students. Traditional home tutors come for fixed hours and at their convenient timings as they need to visit other students too. Same is the story with coaching classes. Students are mostly at their disposal when it comes to choosing the timings.
  1. Personal Attention: For students who are shy and are low performing, asking questions in a class full of students is an arduous task. The fear of embarrassment may restrict them from getting their doubts cleared. Web-based tutoring or e-tutoring address these barriers. Web-based coaching gives students a cloak of anonymity which makes them confident to ask questions.
  1. Enhances Performance: Cherie Mazer, a student of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, published a white paper about the benefits of online tutors. Her finding indicates that students who choose e-tutors or web-based tutoring solutions have been able to score better marks than the students choosing traditional coaching. The study also determined that the students not only improved their content knowledge via online tutors but also preferred web-based learning over face-to-face interactions. Online tutoring is also secure and more reliable in comparison to conventional ways. All the sessions are recorded and available for parents perusal.
  1. Develops Technical Skills: Along with all the direct benefits, web-based tutoring also have some indirect advantages. It also helps students enhance their web-based skills like computing, word processing and many such competencies which can benefit them as future college students and employees.
  2. Instant and On-demand Help: Course materials are available 24/7. Students can access them anytime from anywhere. Along with this, for urgent assistance, students have the liberty to call for help overlooking the time and traveling issues. All the queries can be clarified instantly. Our online tutors also help students in Exam Preparation Tips and Handling Exam Stress.

The idea of learning through the web may appear as an alien idea to parents. However, today’s students are very familiar with the virtual world. The next-gen students are constantly texting, using InstagramFacebook and Skyping, so learning through an online source will not be unfamiliar to them.

Web-based learning solutions bring the best of talent and technology to you. Tutors can see the work of students in real-time. The use of whiteboards and screen sharing are added benefits which overcome the limitations of traditional coaching. We provide online tuition for CBSEICSEISCIBIGCSE, SAT & GMAT for all subjects. Contact us to know more about the tuition fee and the technology we use.

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