A Level Maths



The course includes:

Regularly scheduled online tutoring sessions to cover entire syllabus of IGCSE A level Maths.

– Chapter wise revision
– Periodical assessments, evaluation and feedback
– Discussion of previous question papers
– Scheduled syllabus completion
– Mock exams

Course Fee: USD1,772

  • Course duration: 7 months
  • Total number of sessions: 100 hrs.
  • Number of sessions per week : 4
  • Duration of each session: 1 hr 30 min.

IGCSE A Level Maths Online Tuition

IGCSE A Level Maths



Cambridge International A Level Mathematics test student’s ability to think logically and independently. The skills acquired at A Level helps in progression to higher studies or directly into employment. At A Level, teachers can choose from different routes depending on the choice of applied mathematics (Mechanics and /or, Probability and Statistics).

Online maths tuitions enable students to receive expert coaching from the best online math tutors. With the help of smartphone, tablets, and laptops, a student can avail individualized learning experience for A Level Mathematics. Our expert online math tutors slowly build the concepts, which helps students develop knowledge skills. Students can solve A Level Mathematics questions with expert tutors and ask for help anytime during the session. The specialist online Maths tutor will guide you through the problem and clarify all your doubts. Instant one-on-one doubt clearing sessions develop the confidence and also helps in effective A Level Maths revision.