The course includes:

Regularly scheduled online tutoring sessions to cover entire syllabus of IGCSE/GCSE O level Biology.

– Chapter wise revision
– Periodical assessments, evaluation and feedback
– Discussion of previous question papers
– Scheduled syllabus completion
– Mock exams

Course Fee: USD1,363

  • Course duration: 7 months
  • Total number of sessions: 100 hrs.
  • Number of sessions per week : 4
  • Duration of each session: 1 hr 30 min.

IGCSE O Level Biology Tutor

IGCSE O Level Biology



Cambridge O-Level Biology syllabus covers all the fundamentals of Biology, primarily focussing on human anatomy. O Level Biology opens doors for various career options in the field of Medical, AgroSciences, Botany, Geology, Oceanography, Zoology, Environmental Sciences, etc. Students who have a passion for the natural world usually take up Biology.

Our tutors have years of teaching experience and share the same level of passion for Biology. They understand the core problems of students and knows ways to handle them.

Biology syllabus is vast and needs an extensive level of revision. Our study material contains O level biology 5090 notes, which helps students to revise periodically. All our sessions are recorded, so students can go back and in moments of confusion and clarify any doubt.