The course includes:

Regularly scheduled online tutoring sessions to cover entire syllabus of O level (IGCSE curriculum) Maths.

– Chapter wise revision
– Periodical assessments, evaluation and feedback
– Discussion of previous question papers
– Scheduled syllabus completion
– Mock exams

Course Fee: USD1,500

  • Course duration: 7 months
  • Total number of sessions: 100 hrs.
  • Number of sessions per week : 4
  • Duration of each session: 1 hr 30 min.

IGCSE O Level Maths Tutor

IGCSE O Level Maths



Cambridge O Level Mathematics was formerly known as ‘Calculator Version,’ as students are expected to excel at the use of electronic calculators at this level. O Level Mathematics syllabus forms the fundamental basis for more advanced study of Maths. It helps students develop problem-solving abilities, presenting, and interpreting results.

TutorReal Guru’s IGCSE O Level Maths program makes you learn maths at the comfort of your home. We offer live interactive sessions with advanced study material which covers the entire syllabus. Students can solve O Level Mathematics past papers with expert tutors and ask for help anytime during the session. The expert Maths tutor will guide you through the problem and clarify all your doubts. Instant one-on-one doubt clearing sessions develop the confidence of the students. Along with this, the student also receives undivided attention for their online tutors.